Dealer Information

  • All spaces are $25 each Sat/Sun, $20 other days. During the off season when we are in the Cinemas parking area the fee changes with the weather.
  • Every Vendor for everyday is required to fill out the Sellers permit. Which includes Name, address, tax ID and signature. 
  • Your Tax  I.D. should be visible at your car 
  • You can get a Massachusetts tax I.D. from if you go to “How to register” it will take you through the steps to sign up.
  • Most spaces are 22 ft. long, none are smaller than 18 ft.
  • Line up on right side of driveway entrance.We let in at 7am
  • We have virtual unlimited spaces for vendors, and reservations not needed nor taken.
  • Bring your own tables.
  • Vendors must arrive between 7-8am
  • Open in the Drive-in May 21th through October 8th
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays open for 2018 on July 6th thru August 30th

Wendy Wiley (508)349-0541 ext 813 –


  • Please consult with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue on the collection of sales tax where required.
  • Each vendor is required to keep their own area clean. No one is permitted to leave any discarded merchandise, boxes or cartons on the premises.
  • Area and theater grounds must be vacated by 5:30 p.m.
  • Sale or Swap of explosives, firearms, ammunition, inflammable, alcoholic beverages, or items of any obscene or pornographic nature are not permitted.
  • Absolutely no sale of tobaccos, candy, soft drinks, ice cream or any other foods without permission from the Management.
  • Mini-bike or go-cart demonstrations are strictly forbidden.
  • The Management reserves the right to eliminate any items from sale or swap and/or the manner in which anything is displayed.
  • The Management reserves the right to designate vehicle placement.
  • Seller must collect taxes where applicable.
  • The management is not responsible for supplying any electrical service, tables, or display material.
  • Sellers are asked to remain set up until at least 3 p.m. Whenever possible, upon arrival let attendant know if you have to leave early.
  • Reasonable care and protection is given to property and people on our premises.
    Seller agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Licensor and Owner of the premises against all claims for injury and damage to persons and property arising out of, or in any way related to seller’s operations, including all costs, expenses and attorney’s fees incurred by or on account of Licensor or Owner. We are not responsible for injuries caused by others or injury to persons entering these premise. Also, we are not responsible for damage or loss due to fire, theft, breakage, or collision. Articles left in cars at owner’s risk.
  • We reserve the right to vacate for just cause

The Management