Drive-In Theatre

Enjoy first run double features every night in the summer at the only Drive-In Theatre on Cape Cod. Built in 1957, the Wellfleet Drive-In hosts a 100′ x 44′ screen,  FM stereo sound system equipped with Dolby Digital sound, and new for 2013 Barco Digital Projection!!!  . There’s a playground and snack bar too! The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre is open from late May through mid Sept.

Wellfleet Drive-In (508) 349-7176


3rd Annual Touch a Truck Event, Sunday April 12th, 10am-2pm:

Movies Start the weekend of May 15th, 2015 (Subject to Change)



For the best sound quality we continue to recommend your car stereo tuned to FM 89.5, as do the Hollywood Studios. 

However, as far as the 1950’s in field speakers go, due to popular demand, we have been hard at work on the speaker system recently.  We have installed a new sound rack including a new Dolby Processor and QSC Amplifiers, and increased the frequency response of the system.  We have fixed nearly all speakers from row 2 through 15.  Row 0 and 1 have under pavement wiring problems which cannot be fixed (this season at least) , so all speakers have been removed from those rows.  If you plan on using the field speakers test yours as soon as you arrive.  You should hear the pre show music.   If you don’t, you may need to move (you must still park next to the proper post (ex. Yellow for most)).  We cannot repair speakers on the spot, but please inform a field crew member if you find one not working.  Speaker functionality is not guaranteed, you must have FM as a backup.

Things to know before you go & frequently asked questions:

During busy weekends in the shoulder season and every night from June 17 through September 3rd, OVERSIZE vehicles must park in a designated area. OVERSIZE vehicles are Minivans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Pick Up Trucks, Vehicles with Cargo Tops, and any other vehicle determined by management to exceed our height requirements. Minivans & Sport Utility Vehicles WITH CARGO TOPS, Pickup trucks with racks, and full size vans are designated to the very outer spaces on the left & right or back row. Campers are back row. COME EARLY FOR BEST CHOICE OF SPOT.


Box office opens at 6:30PM
Shows Rain or Clear
Double Feature
Full Snack Bar open
Playground open before the show & intermission

We DO NOT take credit or debit cards, CASH ONLY for tickets. (Credit cars are accepted for Concession items)

Adults age 12-61: $9.00
Seniors 62+: $6.00
Children 4-11: $6.00
Children 3 & under: Free (at the Drive-in Only)

You must plan to listen to the soundtrack through your car stereo on FM 89.5. Mono speakers are no longer 100% functional. Like lots of things from the 1950’s, some still work and some don’t! These are mostly for nostalgic purposes; the sound is much better through your radio. You should also use the accessory key position (see your car owners manual) instead of the on position, and turn off all other accessories including the a/c even though the engine isn’t running. Please know how to disable your car alarm as well.  Please keep the sound to a reasonable volume, our neighbors need tranquility.

Upcoming Schedules:

Due to the dynamic nature of the movie industry, movies starting on Friday are booked four days earlier on Monday afternoon. Upcoming schedule is then posted to this web site on the Drive-In and Cinema pages.

Barbeques are prohibited due to local fire ordinances.
Ball playing before the show is limited to the grass areas in front and back due to vehicle hazards.
Bring Bug spray, particularly during late spring and early summer.
The use of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters are prohibited!