Drive-In Theatre

Enjoy first run double features every night in the summer at the only Drive-In Theatre on Cape Cod. Built in 1957, the Wellfleet Drive-In hosts a 100′ x 44′ screen,  FM stereo sound system equipped with Dolby Digital sound, and Barco Digital Projection!!!  There’s a playground and snack bar too! The Wellfleet Drive-In Theatre is open from late May through mid Sept. (508) 349-7176

CASH ONLY for tickets (see why below)
No advanced tickets sold for the Drive-In here or elsewhere
(Credit cards are accepted for Concession items)

 The DRIVE-IN is closed for the season!
See you in May 2018!!

You can still catch the latest movies at our year-round indoor theater!


1) Due to transaction speed issues (with highway safety being paramount) that will only be getting worse with the adoption of EMV, we DO NOT take credit or debit cards for admission, CASH ONLY. (Credit cards are accepted for concession items & mini-golf).  There is an ATM located in the mini-golf parking lot before the ticket booth.  If using the ATM please proceed to the mini-golf parking lot FIRST.

2)This is a Drive-In Theatre and is designed for you to view the movie from your vehicle not from a lawn chair close to the ground.  Sitting outside your car is at your own risk and only allowed directly in front of your vehicle.  Higher lawn chairs are better.  BE WARNED, you may not be able to see the screen from your lawn chair and no vehicles in front of you will be moved to accommodate your view.

3) All vehicles except low height sedans must park next to the appropriate pole. Minivans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Crossovers, Pick Up Trucks, low height sedans with cargo tops must park next to a yellow pole.  Higher vehicles such as Minivans with cargo tops, Sport Utility Vehicles with cargo tops, Crossovers with cargo tops and pickup trucks with racks, etc. must park next to a green pole.  Campers are back row. The staff has the final authority on placement of vehicles.  COME EARLY FOR BEST CHOICE OF SPOT.

4) Running your vehicle is prohibited.  Vehicle emissions are poisonous to those around you.

5) You are responsible for controlling your vehicle in terms of lights, car alarms and other noises.  You may wish to consult your vehicle manual ahead of time to determine how to inhibit the lights upon vehicle door opening, how to disable your car alarm during your visit, and how to use your radio without the vehicle lights on.

6) Most speakers work in rows 2-15.  Row 0 and 1 have under pavement wiring problems, so no speakers work for 0 and 1.  If you plan on using the field speakers test yours as soon as you arrive.  There is a volume knob, turn it clockwise.  You should hear the pre show music.   If you don’t, you may need to move (you must still park next to the proper post (ex. Yellow for most)).  We cannot repair speakers on the spot, but please inform a field crew member if you find one not working.  Speaker functionality is not guaranteed, you must have FM as a backup.

7) Cooking, Grills, and Fires of any kind are prohibited.

8) THE USE OF CAR HORNS IS PROHIBITED!  Please keep the sound to a reasonable volume, our neighbors need tranquility.


10) Ball playing before the show is limited to the grass areas in front and back due to vehicle hazards.  Bring Bug spray, particularly during late spring and early summer.  The use of bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or scooters are prohibited.

Box office opens at 6:30PM
Shows Rain or Clear
Double Feature
Full Snack Bar open
Playground open before the show & intermission

Prices (Excludes special events like the P.I.F.F night at the drive-in)
Adults age 12-61: $11.00
Seniors 62+: $8.00
Children 4-11: $8.00
Children 3 & under: Free (at the Drive-in Only)